Establishing an Incorporated Company in Alberta

Setting up an Incorporated Company in Alberta is a relatively easy process.  It is not necessary to have a lawyer complete the process for you.

Visit an Alberta Registry Agent

At the registry agent you will be asked to fill in forms and will have to choose a title for your company.  You may choose a numbered company (eg. 987654 Alberta Ltd.) or a named company (Phil’s Supply Chain Services Ltd.)  If you choose a named company the registry will need to perform a search to ensure that this name is still available.  A small fee will be charged for this search.  The forms you fill out at the registry will typically be processed within 1-3 business days.  Typically you will be charged $200-275 for this process, though the fee is not regulated so it may vary depending on the Registry.

To find an Alberta Registry Office near you visit:

If you are currently outside of Alberta, you can choose to wait and set up your company upon arrival or begin this process on the Service Alberta website (an Alberta address will be required to do this):

Set up a business bank account

If you are an Incorporated Company a business account is required for payroll deposits.
In order to set up your account, you will need to have your Incorporated Company documents with you.  It is recommended to make an appointment with your bank to do this.

Establish a GST number

Once established, your company is required to have a GST number assigned to it.  This can be obtained in person or online.

To complete this process online visit:

If you choose to apply online be aware that while you will receive your number right away, it is recommended that you do not start using it until you have receive your verification in the mail (1-2 weeks typically).

Payroll Set Up

Once you have completed these steps we can get you set up on our payroll.  We will require:
•    Copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
•    Business bank account details (void cheque)
•    GST number for your company

Completing all of these steps in a timely fashion is very important.  This will ensure that your start date and payroll deposits remain on schedule.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.